December is here and it is different to all Decembers before!

It is difficult to just sit for a while and comprehend what is going on around us and around the Globe.
Amidst the turbulence, it is Festive Season too and festive shopping time and here at Wooppers we are overwhelmed;
By your love and preference to our slippers!
It is still the beginning of the month and I find myself in that awkward position, telling you that whatever order you place now, you will receive in January!
Since the start of Wooppers, this is the first time I have to let people down with their Christmas shopping requirements.
I do not like it but on the other hand I feel grateful for all the love I have received the last months.
We cannot rush making your slippers and we cannot have more people working, due to safe distance keeping. However, we work hard and steady, completing the orders in proper order.
My hope is that I will have your understanding this season. So many more important things are happening, wooppers perhaps can wait.

Some words about shipping

I would like to update you about shipping too!
Until now DHL have proved very efficient and I have not experienced any problems.
However, there are huge problems with couriers  within Greece and therefore from now on and until the situation improves, I am sending all local deliveries via DHL.
Unfortunately DHL does not support Cash On Delivery so for those cases, I will contact you personally. Also the DHL shipping rates might be different to the ones you have already paid, in which case I will contact you again to find the best solution.

UK customers

Throughout the years we acquired many a happy customer in the UK and I hope that Brexit will not change this relationship.
The end of year is fast approaching however, and from January there will be a new situation in place where all items between UK and us will have to go through customs. This will probably result in delays and extra charges but I hope that the situation will settle soon and we will get used to the new terms.

I take this opportunity to wish everyone a smooth gliding into the Festive Season with good Health, Compassion and much Love.
Wishing you the very best,