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Customer Questions

Can I wash my wooppers?

Of course! Just refer to our full instructions by clicking here.

How do I customize my wooppers?

You can ask for any color customization by writing a note to us at check out. Before you do just look at our color chart here.
If you want to add initials or any other feature on your wooppers please call or write to us first because changes of this kind affect the final price.

Can I ask for expedited shipping?

By all means!
Within Greece we use next day delivery services always.
International couriers are quite costly so please contact us to find out what the extra cost will be and how to pay for it.

My rubber soles turned sticky! What do I do?

We try to prevent problems so we include instructions for the care of latex with your packaging.

However, latex is a natural product which is sensitive to high temperatures. In a warm summer a closed cupboard can be warmer than 30 degrees Celsius and this may affect the soles. Normally if you treat them with talcum powder or if you walk on dust, the pores will close and you will not feel the stickiness any longer. The latex may become harder but it will become stronger. If the problem is severe you may want to stick leather on the soles. A shoe repairer can easily help with that.

How long do Wooppers last?

There is definitely no clear answer to this question. The reason is that it depends on a lot of factors. If you live in them every day they will last less than wearing them only in the evenings when you return home. Also much depends on the way you walk and the surfaces you walk on.
Wooppers wear at the points of friction. Soles do prolong their life. If you notice points of friction on the soles at an early stage do not wait until a hole is created. It will pay off to ask a shoe repairer to add leather patches on those points of friction. The wooppers will last much longer and you will not notice any difference in walking.

Is it possible that wearing Wooppers will make my skin itch?

Wooppers are so soft we suggest that you wear them barefoot to feel all the good benefits that pure wool offers. Some people believe they are allergic to wool. This is not because of the wool fiber itself but of old improper practices regarding the treatment of fibers, that make them rougher. If you feel at any point itchy while wearing wooppers, just look carefully and remove the occasional tiny straw that may be hidden between the fibers of your shoes.

Do you gift wrap?

I gift wrap  purchases if requested with no extra charge. Just leave a note on checkout with your greetings text if any. I will include a handwritten card with your text in your box.

If I live outside of the EU, will I have to pay customs fees?

It is possible that you may have to pay customs import duty fee. Buyers are responsible for these fees, and I cannot estimate what they may be, so you may want to check with your country to see what you may be required to pay.