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100% wool for your wooppers slippers.

We use wool of different sheep breeds in all our Wooppers production.
Wool is a wonderful material unique for its properties. It is breathable and hydrophilic, meaning that wool fibers readily absorb moisture, which makes your slippers feel dry and comfortable to wear.

Wear your Wooppers slippers barefoot and enjoy unsurpassed feeling of warmth and comfort!

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With or without rubber soles?

There is reason why we offer our slippers in their original form which is without any sole.

With no sole Wooppers slippers you have the benefit of wool’s natural insulating properties and comfort. You will experience Wooppers at their best while wearing them barefoot, as your feet will not sweat even in warm weather. However, if you are concerned about matters of slip and wear do try them with the rubber sole.

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How to care for your wooppers.

Keeping your Wooppers slippers aired, dusted and dry is the best way to maintain them as wool itself is a natural dirt repellent.

However, before storing for summer or if they are stained you can wash them in tepid water the same way as woolens. Please click below for full care instructions.


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