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Wooppers means woolen slippers

Felted slippers, boiled wool slippers, 100% pure wool clogs – soft, warm, breathable and most hygienic.

Welcome to our Wooppers House! Here we take fine lamb’s or merino wool and we turn it into the coziest house felted slippers for women, men and kids. We use our hands to lay the wool, which we consequently rub with organic soap and water. As a result the microscopic barbs on the wool’s surface hook together forming the material; felt. We then mold this felt carefully around shoe lasts and work it further, until we shape it into a unique pair of felted slippers without any seams or stitches. In our modern studio we have adapted the ancient craft of wet felting to create contemporary felted slippers and other felt items for everyday use.

In their bold or natural colors as well as their minimalistic aesthetic, Wooppers are designed to give you visual, tactile and ‘felt’ pleasure.

What makes wooppers felted slippers so unique

First of all is the way we craft them that makes them a pleasure to wear.
When we construct Wooppers slippers we use more wool on the underside than on the upper part. It is a hand process mastered by repetition and skill. By doing it this way a wool “cushion” will support your feet, which will eventually take the shape of your sole. The slippers will follow your own anatomy hugging your feet softly and naturally.

We also tailor make them according to your own requirements, measures and color combinations. We have a way of adjusting our shoe lasts in order to make your slippers fit you perfectly in case you have a very specific need. Feel free to contact us!

Finally we pride ourselves on our customer care. Chryssa is always keen to communicate with you, understand your needs and do her best to deliver a product that will satisfy you; shoes to keep your feet cozy and happy in the comfort of your own home.

Our ethos

We believe in life’s simple pleasures and that the objects we use in daily life affect our mood and well being. When producing your slippers we make sure not to compromise our ethics, which essentially mean respect for the environment and the people we are working with.

In our studio we manufacture with minimal impact on the environment. The wool comes from sheep raised cruel free. Last but not least we value our working relationships by offering respectful and fair wages and the best possible working environment.


Woolen slippers in short, Wooppers, is a word that contains all the goodness of wearing wool, and all the comfort a house shoe can give.
Wooppers is Trade Mark registered.

about the wooppers founder

felt slippers Chryssa Adrakta in her studio shop

Chryssa Adrakta was born in Athens, Greece.
She studied maths at the University of Athens. Loving adventure and passionate about the arts she traveled and lived in countries abroad such as Namibia and South Africa, where she finally established her ceramics studio.

She furthered her creative passion studying ceramics and glass in UK and gained an MA in  glass design at University of Wolverhampton (UK). Worked for many years as industrial glass designer for tableware and lighting companies in UK and Greece.

Chryssa loves the arts, all things designed and the outdoors. Trekking, cycling, kayaking are all reasons for her city escapes.

Wooppers is her latest passion.

Having traveled widely, Chryssa has been constantly inspired by different cultures, their crafts and habits. With Wooppers she infuses her worldwide influences and creates a product that makes you feel at home wherever you are.