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I so love them!

Organic slippers in gray-white, DUAL NATURAL collection by Wooppers -d

I so love them! They are obviousl of the best possible quality and made with love! Thank you!

Katharina Hassel

A second order

Gray mules slippers SOLO grey -a

A second order of wonderful Wooppers solved some family jealousy! I had previously purchased my own pair, and after raving about them for months, I had to get another pair for my hubby. He loves his new ones, and can’t wait to put them on at home! (and, truth be told, I loved mine so much, I had to find an excuse to get a second pair too).
To anyone shopping around on the Internet, I strongly recommend splurging for wonderful Wooppers. You can just tell they are crafted with artistry and love, and they are well worth the asking price. Bravo, Chryssa!


I am back for another pair

Organic slippers in gray-white, DUAL NATURAL collection by Wooppers -d

I am back for another pair. My first pair just wore out and I wanted another pair just the same. Very beautiful aesthetically pleasing natural wool. Thick and sturdy and long wearing.
I can’t usually wear wool next to my skin but the liner wool is so soft that it is no problem at all. Warm in the winter, but somehow cool and comfortable all summer, too! And breathe so well, never sweaty feet. And are able to stretch and conform to the feet so beautifully that they are never tight. They are loose and comfortable, but cling to the feet and stay on despite the looseness. Perfect slippers!
Just a few days to ship to US. There was not any customs duty due on either of the deliveries to different states in the US.
Chryssa was wonderful. Great communicator, caring and wanting her customers to be happy.

terry heil

Chryssa custom-made my WONDERFUL slippers,

Chryssa custom-made my WONDERFUL slippers, and they are the best things ever! They are beautiful, and SO much better quality than other wool slippers I’ve purchased from larger on-line retailers. Comfortable from the start, and not hot-feeling at all, even tho’ I live in a very warm climate. One of the positives about all the Covid-related extra time at home is the extra time in the slippers! Thank you Wooppers, for a wonderful product!


I was looking for slippers

Gray mule slippers SOLO grey -c

I was looking for slippers suitable for a diabetic and was attracted by the qualities of the pure wool felt used by Wooppers. When I contacted the company Chryssa was able to make the slippers exactly to the foot size and requirements so that they are a perfect fit. The slippers arrived beautifully wrapped and at the time suggested. It was a very positive experience and my husband is delighted with his comfortable new slippers.

Karen Whitaker

Warm snuggly, but not too hot.

Shades of the sea on my feet.
Warm snuggly, but not too hot.
Walking on clouds.
Personally crafted and made with love. Perfect.
It’s a shame I have to take them off to wear street shoes and to go to bed.

Portia Borrett

My slippers are great!

purple slippers by wooppers felt slippers -c

My slippers are great! They are exactly as shown in photos, very soft, warm and comfortable. Everyone in the family wanted one!

Μαρία Κωστοπούλου

they are fantastic

Thank you for taking the time to make my custom fit slippers- they are fantastic.  Within 5 minutes of their arrival I had put them on and declared a perfect fit. In fact the slippers are so much warmer than the shoes and socks I was wearing previously. I am really happy with the colour, the fit is absolutely perfect and they are also very comfortable. I wonder if I can wear them to bed…..


My daughter was very happy

My daughter was very happy when she opened her Christmas packet.
She loves your booties, wants to keep them on her feet hole day.
“I’ve never had such beautiful slippers, and so warm”.
Once again i’d like to thank you for your wonderful work.
kind regards and best wishes,

I. vd E.

Best Christmas gift ever!

Black slippers, DUAL Black grey by Wooppers -f

Best Christmas gift ever.  My sister in law absolutely loves her new slippers. You may be hearing from them one day in the near future to order more!
Thanks again!

Gina Flewelling

Very happy

Gray mule slippers SOLO grey -d

Very happy with my new pair of Wooppers — I purposely did not get any with a sole because I only use it exclusively to pad around the house. Very easy to get into without hands and I forgot they were on after a minute. Looking for an excuse to buy another pair either for myself or for a friend!


Thank you Chryssa

Thank you Chryssa for the extra attention to fit. The slippers are beautiful and fit great.

Andrew Spurlock

I couldn’t be happier

Lime green house shoes, DUAL BLACK for men by Wooppers -d

Just received my pair. I couldn’t be happier, nice colors, excellent fit and they make you feel so cozy and comfortable. 🙂


My organic slippers

Organic slippers in gray-white, DUAL NATURAL collection by Wooppers -d

My organic slippers arrived in perfect time ( on a little coldy day ;))
they are soft, warm, confortable and really well crafted
thank you so much for this great work!

Christina Lasserre

most perfect and comfortable slippers

Organic slippers in gray-white, DUAL NATURAL collection by Wooppers -d

Both my wife and I now have the most perfect and comfortable slippers. So happy with them and the excellent service. Thank you Wooppers!!

Ivo Van Der Werff

OMG amazing! I love Wooppers.

OMG amazing! I love Wooppers. They are thicker than I imagined which really cushions the foot perfectly!

Thank you!

Patricia Staehelin

prodotto fantastico

Backless slippers grey and blue SOLO collection by Wooppers -b

Prodotto ben fatto,lana morbidissima e calzata comoda!spedizione veloce e puntuale.
Prodotto ben confezionato,fantastico da regalare!
Tutto fatto con amore!

Martha Man.

Thanks so much for an awesome product

Black winter slippers, DUAL Black orange by Wooppers -b

Thanks so much for an awesome product – 5 stars from me 😘

Ken K.

Cléopatre loves her new cave!

Cléopatre loves her new cave!! 🐱
…she sniffed it all over, observed it, went in and out, and finally settled and has taken to it perfectly.


a parcel covered with the most beautiful stamps

Bootie slippers by Wooppers BOOTIES grey turquoise -a

My wonderful postman arrived  with a parcel covered with the most beautiful stamps sitting on the passenger seat.  He explained that the stamps had brought such sunshine to his emotions that he had it beside him!!  This was the beginning, I opened the parcel carefully to find the most beautifully packed slippers and booties together with the extra bag, oh, Chryssa, you are a thought reader. 
The slippers and booties are wonderful, marvellous, fantastic, I am running out of adjectives!!  What a joy, and the weather has just turned cold so on my feet the slippers went and warm, comfortable feet were the result.
I cannot express how glad I am to have found Wooppers and now I am on a mission and hope that you will now have many new customers from Ireland. 
I will certainly be placing another order shortly!

Viv. Heartfield

Très contente de ma commande !

Bedroom slippers TOPS white womens by Wooppers -1

Très contente de ma commande ! La pointure est parfaite !
Merci 😊


I am testifying !Great slippers

I am testifying ! Great slippers – extremely warm ( Polar Vortex here in NYC ) Excellent communication and fast shipping! Highly Recommend .


They are absolutely gorgeous!

Cosy slippers TOPS bright green by Wooppers -4
My slippers arrived this morning.
They are absolutely gorgeous! And fit super nicely!  
It will be though to ever pull my feet out of this wool heaven again 😉  
I’m super happy thanks very much for making these to fit me!  
Have a lovely day and keep up the great work! 
M. Schellenberger

Perfect slippers.

Black white slippers DUAL Black collection by Wooppers -a

Perfect slippers. Loving the sober look as well. My favorite to date (and I tried a lot). Thanks!



Love the warmth, the feel! Soo worth it!

Dr. C Rott

The shop was wonderful to interact with

wooppers slippers in dark red rust and dark grey

The shop was wonderful to interact with and I am thrilled with my new slippers, it isn’t easy to find a pair with an unfinished bottom. They are just lovely and snugly warm. Thank you!


Got my beautiful fiery red

Red felted slippers with orange, DUAL RED collection by Wooppers -a

Got my beautiful fiery red and orange Wooppers a couple of weeks ago. Feet are now fantastically warm. I’m very happy.

Zoe Phillips

Μετά από μιά κουραστική μέρα

Μπλε μπορντώ ανδρικές παντόφλες από τη Wooppers -a

Μετά από μιά κουραστική μέρα όταν γυρίζω σπίτι δεν λέω πιά ότι φοράω τις παντόφλες μου, φοράω τα wooppers μου!


Every evening as soon as

Wool shoe slippers with lilac, Dual olive green collection by Wooppers -h

Every evening as soon as I get home the first thing I do is to slip my wooppers on my feet. They are so warm, cosy, and beautiful. I love them

Maria zacharioudaki

Today I received my second

Bootie slippers by Wooppers BOOTIES grey turquoise -a

Today I received my second pair of Wooppers, this time the booties! They look fantastic (grey and blue) and fit like glove. I never had such comfortable, warm slippers before without having sweaty feet. They are very easy to clean and keep their form. And Chryssa is very helpful & quick in answering emails!

Tania Traas

If you are anything like

Pink slippers with grey, DUAL NATURAL collection by Wooppers -b

If you are anything like me ( polar ice and Antarctic temperature feet at all times ) then Wooppers slippers are your saviour. Literally. 😀

I had my eyes on them for quite sometime now, but only recently I was able to purchase a pair and oh! why, oh! why, hadn’t I done it sooner? No more cold feet. My bf is so grateful that he doesn’t have to suffer anymore every time we go to sleep. hahahaha!

Apart from keeping me so warm though, they are so comfortable and really gorgeous. And ms Chryssa is kind and communicative and a real professional.

The shipping was fast, very well packaged including goodies to keep your slippers protected and fresh while in storage and with instruction cards.

Thank you so so much… excited to see more of your creations and get myself more for years to come.

Magdalene Sklavounou

After a long time

Organic slippers in gray-white, DUAL NATURAL collection by Wooppers -d

After a long time, looking longingly at felted slippers, I found that everyone was raving about WOOPPERS. After having these for a few weeks now – I can confirm its all true!!!
I have NEVER had a pair of slippers in which my feet have not been cold. They are made to fit, made with LOVE and look fantastic.
Communication was excellent, shipping was super fast – could not be happier with the experience.

S. Marr

Absolutely love these!

purple slippers by wooppers felt slippers -f

Absolutely love these! This is my second pair of these slippers and their amazing. So comfy and keep my feet nice and cosy.
This pair has thicker felt and latex sole, so i wont wear them out so quickly! Chryssa has been so helpful and always gets the size spot on.
Definitely recommend these ☺️

E. Proudfolt

Just got my second pair

Just got my second pair which I had custom made in three colors… beautiful. These slippers are so comfy, I take them everywhere. They do not over heat your feet or leave them smelly. Chryssa is delightful to work with. Highly recommended.

Lanita S.

Beautiful slippers

Black white slippers DUAL Black collection by Wooppers -a

Beautiful slippers. I’ve been through many generations of felt slippers, but these are the best I’ve tried so far.
They look good, and feel great! Warm, soft and a pleasure to loaf about in. The thick wool and latex sole seem built to last.
Overall exceptional quality of materials and craftsmanship.


The best slippers

Wool felt slippers fro men in two colors, BASIC collection by Wooppers -a

The best slippers I have ever had. All natural wool that keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.
They let your feet breathe naturally and are very comfortable. I chose to have latex on the sole as I have stone, wood and carpet floors too.
The customer service is second to none.

Portia Bor.