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Cozy ‘woolen nests’ ready to hug your feet… This is what Wooppers is all about.
Treat yourself to these magical, seam-free, felted wool slippers and experience happy feet all year round. With a variety of colors to suit your mood and mojo, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Woop, woop!

Take them with you anywhere; wear them anytime. Wash them, store them, connect with them! Wooppers fit so snugly to the shape of your feet that your toes will feel they’ve been given a loving hug.

Custom made with or without a sole these slippers do have soul!
Our super-woopper comfortable house shoes are ecologically handcrafted using pure natural wool, allowing your feet to breathe staying healthy and odor-free. They are made for the whole family; women’s slippers, men’s slippers and Wooppers for kids, to own or gift.
Their only “downside” – when the time comes to change them, you won’t want to be separated.

Wooppers Info

Customize your slippers.

When you buy a pair of Wooppers, you can substitute a color with another that you chose from the color palette. (restrictions apply – read more…)


With or without rubber soles?

With the original Wooppers (no sole) you have the benefit of wool’s natural insulating properties and comfort. You will experience Wooppers at their best…


How to care for your wooppers.

Keeping your Wooppers aired and dry is the best way to maintain them. However, before storing for summer or if they are stained you can wash them…


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