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Care instructions for your wooppers slippers

Follow our simple care instructions to enjoy your Wooppers as much as possible.

The best way to maintain your Wooppers slippers is to air and keep them dry. Dusting (you can use the vacuum cleaner) keeps them in a good clean condition. However, before storing for summer or if they are stained you can wash them in tepid water. Wooppers slippers are made of wool so please care for them the way you would with any woolen item.

Hand-wash using tepid water (30° C) and mild detergent. Rinse with clean cold water, let it to drip off or spin dry. Do not wring. You can use a towel to absorb excess water. Wear them while still damp and pad with your hands into shape. Lay them flat to dry. Do not dry-clean. Do not tumble dry.

In the first days of use your Wooppers slippers  will “shed”, which means that the coarsest wool fibers and occasional vegetable fibers will work themselves out of the felt. These you can safely pluck off. With much use little wool balls may appear on the surface. This happens often with most woolen items and you can shave them off or cut with scissors.

As with other woolen, please protect from moths during the warm summer months.

Washing in the washing machine is recommended only if you have experience in washing woolen. You can place your Wooppers in a net bag for washing in your machine. Do not exceed C! You can spin dry them if you want them to dry faster.
Please reshape them on your feet while damp and lay them flat to dry.

Rubber soles – Special care instructions
Rubber soles do not like heat. Keep away from sun or radiators when drying. If you store them away for summer choose a cool place with temperature less than 30° C.
Avoid washing in the washing machine. If you must use only mild detergent.
Apply talkum powder on the soles after washing and drying completely and also before you store them away. It cures the rubber and takes away the stickiness.

Washing wool is entirely at your own risk.