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Learn all about our wooppers soles

Here we explain all you want to know about our Wooppers soles.

Nothing is attached on our original Wooppers. Provided that you trust your step, we still think that this is the best way to enjoy our slippers. You will experience wool’s natural insulating properties and comfort at their best. Even more so in the case you are wearing them barefoot: your feet will not sweat even in warm weather!

However, if you are concerned about matters of slip and wear we suggest that you try them with the rubber or calf skin sole.

To create the rubber sole we apply three layers of liquid latex (natural rubber) on the underside of the shoe. There is extra charge for this process.

Wooppers slippers are enjoyed best without soles

Wooppers no soles

  • absolutely natural feel.
  • insulating properties of wool at their best
  • no sweating – no bad smell whatsoever.
  • they dry easier when washed.
  • warmer feel.
Wooppers slippers with natural rubber soles

Wooppers with rubber soles

  • underside protected from wear.
  • no slipping on any but wet floors. CAREFUL – very slippery on wet floors.
  • need more time to dry when wet.
  • feet perspire  in hot days.
  • soles must be protected from heat.

This option is offered on all our models.

Swede Leather sole patches on natural wool by Wooppers

Wooppers with calf skin (suede leather) soles

  • underside protected from wear.
  • no slipping on any floors.
  • allows “breathing” from the underside.
  • Suede can get harder when washed.
  • need more time to dry when wet.

 Τo re-enforce your wooppers by sewing the leathers onto the soles please  find a leather patches kit here,