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We use natural Wool for your slippers

Natural wool is the best! a natural material with unique properties.

Breathable, due to the micro pockets of air allowed between the wool fibers.
Insulating, it is so with wool, that your feet stay warm in cold days and they are very comfortable in warm ones. You will feel it to the maximum especially with wooppers no soles.
Hydrophilic, meaning that the wool fibers readily absorb moisture, almost one third of their own weight. This makes your sleepers feel dry and comfortable when you are wearing them.
Natural and eco friendly, no chemicals of any kind are used anywhere in the process. Only water, which we reuse and olive oil soap.
Hygienic, wool is naturally antibacterial and prevents odors.
Dirt repellent, tightly felted wool repels dirt.
Comforting, the direct contact of wool fibers with skin has a soothing and massaging effect.
We use 100% natural wool of different varieties such as lamb’s wool, merino or mountain sheep wool in a variety of colors. We hand felt our wool firmly for the slippers to keep their shape without any seams but we also finish it soft enough, so your feet feel like nesting in a cloud…