2019 was a year reach with your enthusiasm and ideas for your own customized slippers.
We like to inspire you and we really enjoy it when you decide to try your own colour combinations on your new slippers.
Here is a small sample of what you asked for in 2019.

wooppers slippers DUAL turquoise and fuchsia

Crazy fluo colours for a special dad.

wooppers slippers TOPS with green and yellow

A yellow splash on a green TOPS pair is exactly what a horticulturist wants.

wooppers slippers with aqua blue and fresh green

Love for the sea and the colours of the sea inspired this pair of wooppers.

wooppers slippers DUAL with fuchsia and grey

A DUAL pink pair with some light grey on the inside.

ARTI wooppers slippers with petrol blue as a base colour

A variation on the ARTI grey for men with petrol blue as a base colour.

wooppers for kids DUO turquoise and lilac

A little lady chose turquoise and lilac for her pair of wooppers.

We wish you all a very Happy New Year reach in Joy and Good Health!
See you with more wooppers creations in 2020!
Chryssa at Wooppers