A Collaboration

As the year draws to its end let me show you something fresh, the product of my collaboration with the Dyeing House Gallery or DHGshop.

DHGshop offers fibers, yarns, felts, fabrics in myriads of hues and also tools and kits. That is all you need if you like to create in the field of fiber crafts .

Wooppers made in mixed fiber wool from DHGshop

An Interview

If you are interested in interviews you will find mine on the DyeingHouseGallery Blog. Here you get a taste of it:

What is the most challenging aspect of your work?
Managing a small company and maintaining an artisanal production is already a challenge in itself. This December it has been 8 years since I sold my first pair of Wooppers and the journey has always been quite testing. I had to use all my knowledge during the process, both practical and marketing and continue learning. Aspects of how to manage the shop on Etsy, SEO and social media were all new to me. Now they have become daily practices but are nevertheless constantly evolving. This year I turned 60 and I must say that I’m truly feeling good. The biggest challenge now is to keep myself in a state of well-being, to carry on my work with the same values as always, to maintain a balance between private life and work life, between practical needs and customer needs.

And the most interesting?

I used to think that making objects was the most beautiful aspect of my life. But no, that’s not quite the case. I definitely find the relationships that are formed with people much more interesting. The possibility I have of developing relationships with the people who help me with my work, but also with customers and their needs, insecurities, loveliness and happiness. I enjoy having conversations with people from all over the world. It’s a great way to be all-embracing.

What are you most grateful for?
I am grateful for this moment. And for every moment I’m alive.

A quality you do not have, but would like to?
There is a wonderful quality that I do not normally use, but that I’m trying to bring out: non-reactivity. I firmly believe that if I reflect for a moment before reacting to something then my respond will be better and more useful for everyone. My generation had to learn to run before we could walk, and this messed things up a bit. But I am happy to have discovered over the years that the slower the better. Because giving yourself time to think leads to a greater level of awareness which is always helpful.

Your perfect day?

Outdoors! By bike, kayak, walking or hiking, swimming or even just standing still and enjoying nature. When I dedicate myself to these activities, any day will always become the perfect day! My perfect day above all, however, is the every day when I go to my studio, work, then leave the studio happy and take the time to bake some bread or to study Spanish and, in the end, I find myself with family and friends. A little rest and then the following day we do it all again!

Wooppers in bergschaf wool from DHGshop - detail

From our project with DHGshop this is a camouflage style Wooppers pair in purple and ash

On the making bench, a camouflage style Wooppers pair in DHG wool Maori purple and ash