The time arrived to launch our new “ARTI” collection! It is September 20th and what date this is!

“ARTI” for women and “ARTI” for men is inspired by our beautiful natural environment.
We create these slippers as if we paint with wool hence this, is our most enjoyable collection to make.
We would like to dedicate the ARTI collection to the efforts of all who try to preserve our beautiful planet.
It is such a nice coincidence that September the 20th also marks the date for the GLOBAL CLIMATE STRIKE.

We are facing a climate emergency and this is not just stories on the media. Already all of us are affected by it.
We need to shift our economies to 100% clean energy and everyone must do their bit.
Ahead of the UN Climate Summit, it is so important if everyone could raise their voices to support climate preserving policies.

We can leave naturally, comfortably, beautifully, sustainably. So let us make sure that our kids will have the chance to enjoy these gifts too!

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Launch of ARTI womens slippers anthracite on ladyHandmade wool slippers in blue hues on the floor by Wooppers -