Black slippers we do but Black Fridays not!
I will try briefly to explain this and thus communicate our philosophy.


At wooppers we do not over produce, so there is no stock to discount. We only make according to your needs, measurements and tastes.
Of course we keep some stock in the shop but this is limited and the purpose is to give you a good idea of the product when visiting.

Some may disagree but we consider our prices very modest. Our margin is the minimum possible after we deduct the business running and making costs. If you could understand the amount of hard work that goes into one pair of your slippers (at least 4 hours of tough hand work for a pair plus finishing time, all done here in the wooppers studio in Chalandri) you would definitely agree to this. All this work cannot be discounted whatever color Friday you want to spend on.

Our Values

Overspending is not our cup of tea and therefore we will never trick anyone to buy something they do not actually need. At Wooppers we are always available to show and explain our product and we treasure the relationship with each and every one of our customers. Our attention and service run every day of the year and not only on special dates. You can come to us after your purchase for advice on care and maintenance of your slippers. We want you to keep your slippers and enjoy them the longest possible.

We like thoughtfulness, we like slow, we like the smooth running of things. So we really dislike Black Fridays. Yes, some people may get a good deal, most of us though we will suffer the rush, the disappointments and the disruption of postal services as the holiday shopping gathers momentum.

Well these are only our thoughts, we only wish that you make the best of your time, money and mood,
Enjoy whatever you do,

from Chryssa with love.

P.S. By the way, I think that these new pairs of black, one with maroon inside and the other with olive green are delicious!
Do check them out here in the men’s section!