On April 24th 2013 the Rana Plaza garment factory collapsed killing 1138 people.
It was then that Fashion Revolution was born, raising awareness about the way our clothes are sourced, produced and consumed.
Have a look in your wardrobe and think, who makes your clothes and shoes and accessories… where do they make them, under what conditions? Contact the brands and ask.

Fashion Revolution is not only about sourcing and producing. Is about consuming too, caring for what you buy, repairing and wearing some more.
🌿Here at Wooppers I research, design, and together with my friend Dimitri and Ari we make and repair your slippers
as we believe them to be the cosiest healthiest shoe.

Now before storing for summer is the time to check after your wooppers too. Do not wait until there are holes on their soles. If you find that they are wearing off quickly consider adding some extra soles. You can ask me, try a shoe repairer or even do it yourself and you may well double their life!