Reuse, upcycle and give a second life to a simple white paper shopping bag.

That was the theme of the “Shopping bag” exhibition one of the many events which take place in The Mall Athens starting today.
The 16 days art event will host exhibitions of art, design, fashion and photography with the participation of more than 100 creatives.
Art take over at The Mall Athens








Chryssa’s response to Christina Skouloudi’s invitation -one of the curators of the “Shopping bag” exhibition- was the transformation of the bag into a watertight planter, a fit for anyone to do.
We thank Christina for the opportunity she gave us to create and eventually share with all of you this idea. We hope you’ll enjoy the simple instructions.
Reuse the paper bag- instructions_by Chryssa Adrakta









The Mall reuse a white paper bag-by Chryssa Adrakta



























So here are the finished products:
Reuse the paper bag-watertight-white_by Chryssa Adrakta










Reuse the paper bag-watertight-terracotta_by Chryssa Adrakta