Shaping up

My dear friends,
How challenging are the times we are living in! A few months back, who could have ever imagined that 2020 would bring a pandemic with it!
The lock down impacted us in many ways. On one hand we came face to face with the anxiety and insecurity regarding our health and future.
On the other, the inactivity placed upon us allowed us space to rethink and reevaluate. And in that space a miracle took and still takes shape, that of our social awakening.
A movement is currently shaking the world and it has to do with equality and social justice.
Who can remain untouched?

Sometimes I am thinking that we need to do much regarding these important issues and yet I find myself making slippers, which feels all too little.
Today this extract from a book came to my attention and it made so much sense for me. It is from a book called
“How To Be A Craftivist: the art of gentle protest” by Sarah Corbett. (*)
“Clinicians and neuroscientists are increasingly showing that doing a physical activity (like craft) whilst thinking about difficult subjects can help us cope with the feelings of being overwhelmed, disempowered, angry or depressed when we see injustice in our world.”

So this is what I do. I am making slippers and in doing so I try to untangle thoughts that resemble this picture of wool above. Listening to podcasts, interviews and the radio has become a habit through which, I educate myself and shape my attitude about long standing issues. I also go out in nature. Pause and keep quiet. Letting go of old ideas, embracing a new awareness.

(*)Craftivism is a form of gentle activism, typically incorporating elements of anti-capitalism, environmentalism, solidarity, or third-wave feminism, that is centered on practices of craft. Sarah Corbett is the Craftivist behind the Craftivist Collective.


As I clear-out my mind, I found myself clearing the space I have here at Wooppers as well.
In the process I identified a few pairs that take vital space either because they were trials for new lines or because they were parts of collections that are no longer shown on my site.
As you may know by now, I am unable to offer proper Wooppers sales, since our slippers are made to order and profit is kept to the absolute minimum.
But these perfect pairs of slippers have to go, leaving space for new ones. They are women’s and men’s sizes, not many. So I decided to give them away at prices between 40€ to 55€ (this is about 35% off) depending on the size and finish of the sole plus shipping.
(Shipping is 5€ for Greece, 15€ for Europe and 28€ for the rest of world.)

If you are interested to see what is available just for you, you could send me
1. your size (women’s or men’s)
2. your preferred sole and
3. your location
and I can answer back with what is available and the full price. Please do not expect a big selection only a pair or two. It will be first come first serve situation.
I will keep this offer open throughout the summer and publish it also over social media. I will serve you via e-mails or direct messages.

Time to send you my wishes for a healthy and lively summer full of the values that enrich our lives and make them beautiful.clear-out wooppers