Leaving in hot climates? Do you own wool slippers? Check out the best way of storing slippers away and be extra careful if they come with rubber soles.

Everyone knows how to protect their woolens in the hot summer months.
You normally wash them and store away using some moth repellent.You will use similar ways if you store away your wooppers slippers.
But what do you do in case they have natural rubber (latex) soles?

Just leaving them in a cupboard rested on the shelf is not suitable. As very often happens in Greece during summer, temperatures can rise above 35°C for many days in a row.
Yourself may be enjoying a refreshing swim in the sea but in your cupboards the temperature builds up!
High temperature is the main reason your latex soles change their molecular structure and become “sticky”.
To avoid this the most important thing to do is to find the coolest available area in your household.
A basement storing room is ideal.
Furthermore this is what we suggest you should do:

treat rubber soles with talcum powder

Apply talcum powder on the whole surface of the sole. After that, they are ready to pack for storage.
It is best to avoid leaving them in contact with furniture (e.g. shelf) or with each other. They need space to “breathe”!
If you have their box, pack them with the soles facing opposite directions or
you can use their pouch and pack them as in this picture:

Storing away wooppers felted slippers with soles

We are wishing you a Happy and Carefree Summer!

In the unfortunate case that you didn’t know all the above and your soles did eventually turn sticky do not despair!
Just rub them with plenty of talcum powder until their stickiness goes away. After that you can wear them as normal.
The soles will become somehow harder but they will last even longer!!