The summer went in a flash!

And left a bitter-sweet taste. Bitter because times are turbulent and one needs to protect oneself from the pain, the scare and the disasters,that we constantly hear about but are really unable to process. Every little while we have to pause the news – the constant counting of corona virus cases, the killings of black civilians, the natural and accidental disasters that claim so many innocent lives – and look inwards; think, research, take action, donate, do the work.
One needs time to process it all and time to contemplate, to stay quiet, to think of the proper action. This is personal work for each one of us. Work that may develop in the community afterwards.

And yet, this summer left us with a sweet taste too!
Never before a walk on the beach, a swim in fresh waters, an early rise in nature or laughing in friends company felt more precious and dense and lovely.

During this summer at Wooppers we worked hard not to delay your orders. And yet we managed to take precious time off, in little installments.
It was good, soothing and nurturing time. Time to appreciate nature as never before and also time to evaluate what we do here at Wooppers.
Normally this time of the year I am sending you a newsletter with all that is “new” in our collection. I hope I’ll send it to you soon.
But this autumn it feels a bit different. New items come second. First comes my renewed energy and desire to continue just like this: a small scale production, on a personal communication level, making a product that is made for you alone. Because each one of you is precious and needs to be comforted and soothed… even by wearing a specially made pair of slippers.

Summer postcards

In August I felt the need to share a glimpse of the light and taste of places I have visited in my country.
During lock-down I had found comfort looking at friends posts on social media, where they were consciously posting their walks in nature for others to virtually enjoy.
I thought sharing beauty can never be a bad thing. And so I got into the modest production of little postcards of Greek summer views to accompany your parcels.
As cooler months slowly draw in, the work becomes more demanding. In coming months it will be difficult to maintain the habit of sharing the places I felt, smelt and enjoyed. But who knows? I may find something beautiful again to share with you.

Here are my postcards for you to enjoy!
Take good care and do not forget to look at beauty wherever you find it!

Gavdos crystal clear

Ios, sunset harbour

blue rock, Ios, Cyclades

Syros, Cyclades, golden herbs


Gavdos, sand dunes

Koufonisi, turquoise

Ios, Cyclades, Agia Irini

A goat, “wild life” of the Cyclades

Midday heat

Kouroutas, Peloponesse

Gavdos, rocks

Ios, Cyclades, sunset

Gavdos, art on the beach