Wash wooppers slippers to clean and shrink them just a bit.

This year I changed my slippers to this DUAL aubergine pair.
This is made of soft merino wool on the inside and tougher sheep wool on the exterior.

The other day I noticed a very unattractive, large stain at the front of one shoe. It was the obvious result of a day spent in the kitchen in preparations for a big festive meal.
So this is a reason to wash my wooppers slippers. A second reason is that I wanted to shrink them a tiny bit. I like them when they hug my foot uniformly but they had loosened up a bit (the result of waring them with thick socks).

What I did was this:
First I beat them well to remove all dust trapped between the fibers.
Then I placed them in the washing machine together with a couch cover that I wanted to wash as well. I used a small quantity of woolens detergent. I set the washing cycle at 30°C, hand wash, spin at 800. The full cycle took about an hour.
The wooppers came out all squashed up but sparkling clean.
I wore them wet to give them the shape of my feet and then removed them carefully and placed them on the radiator for a quick drying up.
The shrinkage was just perfect!

Please take extra care when you wash your wooppers in the washing machine. You need to have experience with your washing machine’s programmes. Woolens cycle is quite safe and normally will not shrink wooppers but we cannot take responsibility for your washing machine.

Wooppers with latex soles

  • It is recommended to hand wash soled wooppers.
  • Use only a small quantity of a mild detergent and do not use brush on the latex.
  • You can spin them to remove excess water and then wear them in order to restore their shape as above.
  • DO NOT place them on top of the radiator or in the sun when drying.
  • Remember to rub some talcum powder over the soles after washing. It will protect the rubber and your slippers will not attach uncomfortably on the floor.

For more care instruction do visit here.

washing wooppers slippers - wearing them wet to restore their shape

wearing my slippers wet to restore their shape

washing wooppers slippers - drying on radiator

drying no soles wooppers slippers on the radiator