When you associate wool slippers with warmth it is difficult to imagine wearing them in the summer. The minute temperature approaches 30° Celsius and even before that, you rush to store your slippers until next winter.
Me, and some others do not. We like to wear our slippers at least in the evening, in case we prefer to walk barefoot during the day. Easy wearing slippers which are low at the back such as the COLORI, SOLO and OMICRON are the most suitable slippers for summer. OMICRON has the extra advantage of a ventilation hole.
If you like this idea but the round cut-out is not your style we can create a cut-out “smile” instead.
What do you think?

A pair of grey wool slippers with dark green on their front part. The slippers are felted without any seams. There is a cut-out piece of the slipper where the ball of the foot is, leaving an opening in the shape of a smile.