Did you feel it?

It is everywhere: In the fields, by the sea shore, on an uncovered pavement, on every piece of land.
A fresh green carpet dotted with all kinds of colors. Sparkling atmosphere in a northerly breeze, when white wisps of clouds pass over the brightest blue sky.
Chirping, chittering birds hidden in bushes and trees. And my favorite frame: wild flowers by the sea shore pictured against the blue of sea.
Even when the weather changes and thunder comes the beauty remains, day after day, an ever changing display!

and during this time of year we have other reasons to celebrate as well!

Easter – Spring Day – Earth Day* – Orthodox Easter – May Day

So feel free! Step out of your wooppers and into the country side, immerse yourself in the aroma of Spring.

When your heart and senses feel rejuvenated, at the end of all this, I will have a surprise for you!


More on that in the middle of May.


* Do not forget this one, just take a moment and think on what you can do for Mother Earth so our children will enjoy the way we do!