intro_wooppers for Kids

No more guilty feelings wearing your Wooppers at the presence of your kids. The same warm, soft and hygienic footwear are now available for your kids too!

YOLO is the first collection of Wooppers for Kids featuring bold and vibrant colours for both girls and boys. Handmade in 100% merinos wool are so soft, they will not irritate the kids’ sensitive skin. To keep mums happy we have applied a spiral of natural latex on the sole to prevent skidding.
All sizes are available from 26 to 35. Wooppers’ sizes allow space between the foot and the shoe. All you need to do is measure your child’s foot and use the convenient size chart to decide on the right wooppers size. Size charts are shown with each model.

From Wooppers we can now wish you a warm and cosy winter for the whole family!