Wooppers inspire Lena Vaena to write a little fairy tale..

fairy tale

The little woollen slippers
Once upon a time, a good fairy from a faraway land came to visit our Earth.
She wanted to see how people lived on our planet.
She flew here and there, wandering all over villages and cities, taking note of what people did all day.
She saw that they were very busy, running around the whole time…from the time they left home early in the morning until they returned in the evening.
The first thing they did when they got home was to take off their shoes.
“Ooh! What a relief” they’d say!!
Everywhere, they all did the same.
Their feet though, were still tired and sore.
Having seen that, the good fairy decided that she should do something about it… and she did!!!
She started looking for materials that she could use to make the most beautiful and useful… magic little slippers.
She looked long and hard all over. One day, she was in a little village and as she was very tired, she sat for a little while in the shade of a tree to rest.
It was then, that a little white sheep as snow came to her.
“My good fairy, I know what you are searching for… Here, take some of my wool and make your little slippers. They will be the warmest and softest slippers of the world” said the little sheep, stretching towards her, offering her a long, curly lock of wool.
The good fairy took it and held it in her hands and then…the most amazing and brilliant rays of colour started to jump out of the wool. All the colours of the rainbow and many more, more that one can even imagine!
And so, our good fairy started to make her little slippers. Many slippers, of many colours!
As soon as people started wearing them, they realized that these slippers were different to others. Of course…they were magic!
At once, their feet felt relaxed, as if they had not been walking on them all day long.
Their mood changed and they started having happy thoughts. And we all know, that good and happy thoughts help us to live a beautiful life… and so they did from that day on.
Since then our good fairy has never stopped making colourful woollen little slippers because she always wants to see people wearing them, enjoying a beautiful, colourful and joyful life.