We made them, we tested them and now is time to present our new range of pet furniture!

The Wooppers houses for little pets are made of natural felted wool, which is ecological and healthy for your pet.
Cats especially, find the smell of wool very attractive and naturally turn our cat beds and cat cocoons into their favorite spot.
As you may know already wool is an insulating material and therefore our cat caves are comfortable for your cats all year round.
Especially in winter little dogs will be happy in them too.

There are three basic shapes to choose from:
Oval – is like a little house with a low front entrance suitable for little dogs as well.
Pebble – is a cat cocoon with top entrance.
Igloo – is a type of spacious cat cave.

There are for you to choose, as you are the best to know your pet’s personality!

Our pet houses are made by hand and are truly a piece of art to compliment your interior.
To see for yourselves we will run an introductory promotion for the summer months of June July and August:



Cat Bed Pebble Top entrance Black white by Wooppers

Cat in PEBBLE cocoon

oval felt cat bed- cat cave black with white by wooppers with cat

cat in OVAL pet bed

Igloo cat cave white with black lines with cat by Wooppers

cat in IGLOO cave

dog in OVAL pet bed